The Gallo-Roman villa of Séviac : An aesthetic travel through time

The relics of Séviac allow visitors to discover a luxurious residence dated from the Lower Empire, ornamented with splendid and unique polychrome mosaics.

The multiple rooms are organised around a square tower bordered by a pillar gallery of Pyrenean marble.

The Villa’s thermal baths, mosaics, exceptional dimensions, allow us to understand life in a rich residence in Gallo Roman times. Its Merovingian relics evoke the early Christian age.

The Gallo Roman Villa of Séviac is open from March to November.

The excavation depot :

Situated on the town’s square, in the premises of the Tourist Office, you will find the first mosaics to have been dug up as well as everyday life objects, architectural and decorative elements, ceramics, jewellery, and early Christian coins.





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