The epic of Montreal du Gers

The construction of the city-state, first comprised in the county of Toulouse, then passed on to the French crown during the reign of Philip the Bold.

Montréal is ruled by the crown of England, like other cities of the Duchy of Guyenne.

Charles the Bad, King of Navarre, sits in Montréal, accompanied by the aristocracy and all the militias assembled in Condom.

Charles V gives away Montréal to the Count of Armagnac.

Serious contestations oppose the population and both Amanieu de Montesquieu and the Lord of Lagraulet.

Bishop Jean Marre raises a capital. One can still see his coat of arms in the keystone of the purgatory chapel. His remains will rest here until the religious wars.

Montgomery, protestant leader, burns down the city under the authority of Jean de Navarre, leaving only a half deserted fortified town and the ruins of the Saint Orens basilica.

Three centuries have passed and the proud ‘bastide’ (fortified town) stands more than ever.





Montréal du Gers

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